Monday, October 29, 2012

Grandma Mayme @ ninety-two

My husband and I drove home this afternoon after spending a weekend in Sturbridge, MA for Craig's cousin's wedding.  We were lucky that it was only an hour drive for us.  The rest of the family flew in from all over - California,  Texas, New Hampshire, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Switzerland.  We had a great time relaxing and spending time with our family.  
At the heart of the Ledvina family is Mayme - Craig's grandma.  She turned ninety-two this August and is looking as good as ever.  We are so lucky that she is able to fly across the country and attend special events with her family still.
Here is a photo of my husband, Mayme and I from the reception this weekend.
She's the shortest thing ever - so cute!
We were able to be with her on her 92nd birthday this August.  We had a cookout at Craig's parents cottage in Wisconsin.  I created this layout of a picture that I took of her that day.

The layout was created with the October 2012 Studio Calico kit, Roller Rink.  The kit included gold washi, which I didn't initially think I would use.  On this layout, I ended up using it as a border for the photo, the border for the layout, and then I punched flowers out of it and surrounded the photo with them.  I love when I end up using something I normally wouldn't because it came with a Studio Calico kit.
Stay safe for those of you that are in Hurricane Sandy's path!


  1. 92! she's amazing.. please tell her that the next time you talk to her. love the layout!

  2. That is amazing! I love my grandmother (although she's not quite as old) so much, so I really loved reading about this. Amazing layout, too!

  3. Such a sweet post Brenda! She is adorable!