Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas cards

I spent much of my day today signing cards, addressing envelopes, adhering stamps and address labels, and licking glue (yuk.)  Most of them will be in the mail tomorrow.  It is always nice to check Christmas cards off of my to-do list!
I made quite a few handmade cards this year, which I normally don't do.  I made about 25 or so.  I saw a similar card on pinterest and thought that it would be a fun project for me to work on over Thanksgiving weekend when we were relaxing at our condo in Vermont.  They took a bit longer than I thought they would, but they are pretty adorable and used up lots of patterned paper scraps (Christmas and non-Christmas!)
Today I (we, actually) also got our annual Ledvina family recipe ready to send.  Several years ago, my husband's aunts decided that we needed to start a family cookbook.  We (grandma, each set of aunts and uncles, and each cousin) were each given a binder the first year, with the instructions that everyone was to send a favorite recipe of the year to each other family member to include in their binder.  I think this began in 2002, so we now have ten years of favorite family recipes.  This year, Craig and I included this recipe for "Best-Ever Barbecued Ribs."  We've made it several times this past summer and it was a hit every time.
Does your family have any fun family traditions involving food?
I'll be heading to Wisconsin this Thursday to spend Christmas with my family, so have a wonderful holiday season everyone!


  1. ADORE This card!!!
    Love the idea of the recipe book!

  2. I love the idea of exchanging recipes. Wonderful idea.

  3. So super cute! I do hope to make some sometime still. I'd love to see that recipe book someday. LOVE that you do that!!! I think Chex mix is one of our traditions! Yum!