Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heading Home for the Holidays

I fly out this Thursday afternoon heading to stay with my family in Wisconsin for the holidays.  One of my favorite parts about going to my parents home is the boxes and boxes of photos they have for me to look through and sort.  They have some really great old ones of grandparents and great-grandparents from both sides of my family.  Take a look at this one:
This is my great-grandmother (far right), my grandmother (third from left) and the rest of the Gerber sisters.  I had my mother write down what she knows about the photo (for example: the names of the girls, where it was, and when it was) or anything else she could tell me about the photo.  I think it is so important to get this information written down in some way so that we don't forget about our heritage.  If I didn't have my mother to remember and tell me about this great photo, I would have only recognized three of them even though they are all my great aunts.  I think that is what makes scrapbooking so important!
I'm just starting a page with this photo, and have no idea how it might end up looking, but I think I'm going to be using the BasicGrey Curio collection that I bought two weeks ago.
What do you think?  I love the colors - just not sure where it will end up from here.  I'll share the finished product after I return from Wisconsin.  

Happy Holidays everyone!

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