Sunday, May 15, 2011

Passport Photos

I wanted to document how our procrastination of renewing our passports led to these horrible pictures that will be on our passports for the next 10 years.  The only place in our house that has a white wall is our downstairs bathroom, so we took the photos there.  Craig was wearing his pajama top and wouldn't change for the photo.  I had planned on re-doing them, but we suddenly realized that the only time we could go to France was going to be in five weeks.  We paid $60 extra each for the expedited service, sent in the photos, and got our passports back in plenty of time.
I used Studio Calico's April 2011 kit for this layout except for the three clock faces, which were from a previous kit.  I thought I'd share my initial sketch of the layout:
I sometimes sketch out my initial vision of a layout and work from there.  Most of the time, by the time the layout is done, it doesn't look anything like the sketch.  I also write down ideas as they come to me so that I don't forget them.  Some of the things that I wrote down for this layout were:

- stitch across clouds
-journaling on tag (typed!)
-yellow gingham on sun
-arrow sticker
-bits of red
-button in middle

You can see that some of the ideas made it to the final page and some of them didn't.  That is usually the way it ends up with me.

We will be using those passports this Thursday (yay!)  We are flying to Nice, France and picking up our nephew Paul and bringing him to Paris for four days.  Then we will head back to Southern France and visit my husband's brother, his wife and three kids for another six days.  I can't wait!  

Well, I have packing to do!  Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. This is so cute! Did you use the Polaroid stamp on this one?

  2. Yes, I used the polaroid stamp on this. It almost ruined the layout though! I stamped after everything was all glued down. When I stamped, the ink and the photo paper instantly became almost glued together! It was very difficult to pull the stamp off! And then I had to do it again for the 2nd picture - I won't stamp directly on a photo again!

  3. brenda, i love your passport picture story :) yours looks good!! (i had mine taken twice, they were both awful! i did not know you could do it yourself until AFTER i sent mine in, lol!) nice layout too!!