Monday, February 27, 2012

Florida Trip

I have these great photos of my Great-Grandma, Leah Gerber.  In the photo on the left, she is standing outside one of her daughters' houses, with her packed suitcase, saying good-bye before traveling to Florida on a bus to see relatives.  

The photo on the right has her handwriting on the back of it and it says "that is a banana tree I standing under."  She is holding a little boy in the photo and we haven't been able to figure out who it would be.  I asked my mother and my cousin Sharon to help with anything they knew about the photos or her travels to Florida, and that is all they came up with.  We're not even sure who she would have been visiting.

I used one of my all time favorite Studio Calico kits, Glee Club, for the layout.  I added lots of other embellishments from my stash including my new favorite - mini-clothespins - and a vintage flower from my mom's stash.  I wanted to create a little more layering and texture than I normally do, so I had this idea to take vellum, wrinkle it, and use it as a matting behind a photo.  I took out the vellum, crinkled it, and it basically just broke and teared.  Silly idea.  But then I tried wetting the paper first, crinkling it, and then letting it dry.  It worked exactly like I hoped.  It is under the photo on the right.  I used foam dots to give a little dimension.

I also created a hidden journaling card, which I have been loving lately.  The Slice has a perfect little tab design and I cut that out of the Studio Calico advertising cards that come in kits.  I used more of the advertising card on the bottom.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. What a treasure, to have those photos. And I love those mini-clotehspins, too!

  2. LOVE the preservation and I love the vellum usage!