Monday, February 4, 2013

Cat Nap

Once in a while, a question will pop up on a scrapbooking message board asking if people create projects specifically to fit a particular call or if they just submit what they have already created.  It usually seems like it is looked upon negatively if you create pages specifically for calls - like somehow it is not as meaningful or something.
I do both - if I happen to have a layout that I have already created that fits the call, I'll submit it.  But lots of times, I'll read the call and it will spark an idea and I'll create a page specifically for that call - and I'm not afraid to admit it!  Some of my most favorite layouts have been created specifically for calls!
The latest call for Scrapbook Trends totally inspired this page.  The call reads:  

Real Life: I Love My Pet - Our pets become members of the family so create a layout to detail your pet's place in your home. Does he/she have a special place to sleep or eat? Any funny quirks? Get them down on paper!
The call made me think of my silly cat Sumner and how he loves sleeping in a sunny spot on the chaise lounge in our dining room.  He will keep moving closer to the edge to follow the sun as it moves and more than once has fallen off of the edge!
I used mostly the January Studio Calico kit on this page, but just a couple of bits from older kits such as the wood veneer "S."  Studio Calico recently stopped giving store credits for getting published in Scrapbook Trends using their kits, and I'll admit that it is kind of freeing!  Even though my main purpose  for getting published was never the SC credit, it was nice.  But now that it isn't an option, I have been finding myself digging through other supplies for something to add a perfect touch.
I put the journaling on a hidden journaling card - I loved the little Pebbles envelope that was included in the kit! 
I love this page to bits even though I created it specially for a call! (Wish me luck!)  So what do you think - is there anything wrong with creating a layout specifically for a call?  What do you usually do?  I'd love to know!
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wonderful photo and fabulous design of this layout. Love how you focused on the left and kept white space on the right.

  2. What a super fun page! Love the colors and the design and especially the story behind this photo! Had to laugh that he really fell off the chair :) (something our dog could have done too). Good luck submitting (and I think there's nothing wrong with creating a page for a call!).

  3. I really like your layout. Especially the rows of borders from the top. Great idea

  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with submitting for a call. For me, if it jump starts a page I've been wanting to make anyway then it's just the motivation I needed! If it's entirely out of my realm (a boy page for example) then I definitely wouldn't create for the call.
    This is a gorgeous page!

  5. Superfun page! Love the strips on the top!

  6. Such a funny story! I think there is zero wrong about creating for the call. It's just like doing a challenge - they give us ideas. Hope your great page gets published! It makes me smile.